Our business model is a simple and cost effective solution

For our clients who can tap into the best global talent with much reduced employment costs and with all payroll and legal requirements managed by Hunter Marshall.

We recognise that finding great people at an affordable coast is a real challenge for small and large businesses and the cost for some roles can be prohibitive especially when overheads are factored in, thats why for certain roles Hunter Marshall can complement your existing workforce by recruiting dedicated highly skilled remote workers who will work alongside your office based team but at costs significantly less than employees based in higher cost economies.

Win - Win

We believe in a win - win for both employees and employers and Hunter Marshall has fairness as a core principle.

From an employee perspective candidates get to work for modern international companies which is very attractive from a career building perspective. Hunter Marshall salaries are at the high end of the local salary scale, Employees benefit from european paid time off, hours of work and working culture which is why roles with Hunter Marshall are highly sought after.

From an employer perspective candidates are highly educated, capable and dedicated, often having worked for international companies previously. With such high demand from candidates for roles through Hunter Marshall our employers are sourcing incredible talent much below the cost of employing in their home market.

Benefits for Employers

Employ top talent from huge talent pool
Significant payroll savings
Report and work directly for your business
Recruitment process managed entirely by Hunter Marshall
Hunter Marshall employs the candidate and handles all the legal and administration
European working hours as your business requires
Creating well paid employment and excellent working conditions for dedicated people
Option to have the employee relocated to Ireland in the future if required

Benefits for Employees

Great opportunity to gain experience from European employer
Stepping stone for their career and if they wish to relocate in the future
Excellent local salary
Exposure to European work practices which is powerful for their careers
Remote working from home or local shared workspace avoiding lengthy local commutes
Much improved work life balance
Great professional development opportunities