Our business model is a simple and cost effective solution

For our clients who can tap into the best global talent, especially remote working employees, with much reduced employment costs and with all payroll and legal requirements managed by Hunter Marshall.

Case Study Accountant

Smarter Surfaces filled a position with Hunter Marshall for a Qualified Accountant 5 Years experience

Smarter Surfaces is leading Irish manufacturer of innovative surface products for offices and schools. Due to the impact of Covid on the business it was not possible to create these roles in Ireland as both positions were €60,000 salaries so with taxes and overheads the net cost per role was calculated at €92,000 per annum. Through Hunter Marshall it was possible to hire a fully qualified remote accountant for a total annual cost of €20,000 which made it possible to create the position.

Hunter Marshall met the finance lead at Smarter Surfaces to understand the role requirements, drafted the job description, advertised the remote position and first round interviewed the shortlisted candidates.

Ganesh from Mumbai was selected because of his international accounting experience having previously worked remotely for a Canadian accounting firm and his masters degree in finance meaning he was highly experienced for the position. Ganesh is now in his second year with Smarter Surfaces and it has been a great success for the finance team.

Ganesh is employed via an employment contract from Hunter Marshall who act as his employer of record, pay all local taxes, social security and ensure compliance with all local employment legislation. Smarter Surfaces receives a monthly invoice from Hunter Marshall and Ganesh reports directly to Smarter Surfaces.

Case Study Spanish Speaking Ecommerce Executive

Playa Blanca Holiday Villas filled a position for a Spanish speaking Ecommerce Executive with 3+ years experience

Playa Blanca Holiday Villas is a villa holiday rental business based in Playa Blanca Lanzarote. Their entire back office team work remotely and they had a position to fill for an ecommerce executive who was Spanish speaking as their business operates in Lanzarote Spain.

After an initial consultation with Hunter Marshall a job description was developed by Hunter Marshall and the position was advertised. A shortlist of candidates was prepared by Hunter Marshall who then interviewed them. Playa Blanca Holiday Villas then interviewed the top three candidates. Kami was selected to join the team due to her experience of working in the Spanish embassy in New Delhi and her marketing degree.

Hunter Marshall employed Kami on an excellent local salary and Kami enjoys much better terms than all of her peers that attended the University of New Delhi with her. Kami works remotely into the team who all work remotely from Ireland.

Apart from being an amazing candidate the cost of employing Kami was less than 50% of the Irish equivalent which would have been €38000 for payroll only without office costs when compared with €14000 when employed by Hunter Marshall.