Our business model is a simple and cost effective solution

For our clients who can tap into the best global talent with much reduced employment costs and with all payroll and legal requirements managed by Hunter Marshall.

We recognise that finding great people at an affordable coast is a real challenge for small and large businesses and the cost for some roles can be prohibitive especially when overheads are factored in, thats why for certain roles Hunter Marshall can complement your existing workforce by recruiting dedicated highly skilled remote workers who will work alongside your office based team but at costs significantly less than employees based in higher cost economies.

1. Understanding Your Business and Remote Worker Needs

At Hunter Marshall, we begin by understanding the core of your business and comprehending the requirements from a potential remote worker. We understand that each role is distinctive, and we ensure a thorough understanding of your organisational culture, business goals, and specific needs for remote team members.

2. Crafting Precise Job Descriptions

We create detailed and accurate job descriptions that not only attract top-tier talent but also align with your company's vision. Depending on your preference we will carry this out with minimal input from you or with your sign off as we define the skills, qualifications, and attributes essential for success in the remote role.

3. Strategic Role Advertisement

We advertise the remote positions across various platforms to reach a diverse pool of qualified candidates. Our goal is to ensure that your opportunities are seen by the right individuals who possess the skills and expertise needed for success in a remote work environment.

4. Rigorous Applicant Screening

Our team screen applicants face to face to identify the best fit for your remote team. We assess qualifications, experience, and cultural alignment, presenting you with a curated list of candidates who meet your specific criteria.

5. First-Round Interviews

We conduct thorough first-round interviews, evaluating candidates not only for their technical skills but also for their communication abilities, collaboration potential, and remote work proficiency. Our process ensures that only the most promising candidates progress to the next stages of your hiring process.

6. Candidate Shortlist Recommendation

Following the initial interviews, we present you with a carefully curated shortlist of candidates for your team to meet. This allows you to focus your time and effort on engaging with candidates who best match your company's requirements.

7. Recruitment Process Administration

We take care of all recruitment process administration, including scheduling interviews for your team, managing communication with candidates, and ensuring a seamless and professional experience throughout the hiring process.

8. Candidate Selection

You have the final say in selecting the candidate who best fits your team and company culture. We provide the information and insights you need to make informed decisions confidently.

9. Candidate Hiring and Dedicated Placement

Upon your selection, we seamlessly onboard the chosen candidate as our employee who is dedicated exclusively to your organisation. This arrangement offers flexibility while ensuring the talent works seamlessly within your team.

10. Payroll Management and Ongoing Compliance

We handle payroll for the remote worker and manage all ongoing compliance matters, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Our commitment is to ensure a smooth and compliant working relationship with your chosen candidate. You will get a simple monthly invoice from us for each of your remote workers

11. Ongoing Support

Our dedication doesn't end with the recruitment process. We are always here to support you, providing ongoing assistance as needed. Whether you have questions, require additional services, or seek advice on managing remote teams, we're just a call away.